Working snap package definition for LDC

David Nadlinger via digitalmars-d-ldc digitalmars-d-ldc at
Mon Sep 5 01:03:05 PDT 2016

Hi Joe,

Thanks for doing this, and for keeping us posted!

Pardon my ignorance, but it seems like having to include GCC makes this 
currently an inferior way of distributing LDC rather than just 
publishing .debs? How large are the binaries?

  — David

On 4 Sep 2016, at 12:53, Joseph Rushton Wakeling via digitalmars-d-ldc 

> Hello all,
> Thanks to everyone's help here, and similar great help on the 
> snapcraft mailing list, I now have a working snap-package definition 
> for LDC.  The PR to finalize it is available here:
> Obviously I can just push this out to the world, but I'd like to give 
> everyone here an opportunity to review this before I finalize things.
> Thanks & best wishes,
>     -- Joe

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