How to run lit tests on Mac OSX without gcc?

Johan Engelen via digitalmars-d-ldc digitalmars-d-ldc at
Sat Aug 26 07:55:23 PDT 2017

On Saturday, 26 August 2017 at 13:45:18 UTC, Thomas Mader wrote:
> I am successfully building ldc 1.3.0 on Mac and running the 
> phobos and druntime tests work too but I get the following 
> error in the lit tests:
> 1561: $ "/tmp/nix-build-ldc-1.3.0.drv-1/build/bin/ldc2" 
> "-cache=/private/tmp/nix-build-ldc-1.3.0.drv-1/build/tests/linking/Output/flag1cache" "-vv" "-run" "/private/tmp/nix-build-ldc-1.3.0.drv-1/tests/linking/ir2obj_caching_flags1.d"
> 1561: # command stderr:
> 1561: Error: failed to locate gcc
> 1561:
> 1561: error: command failed with exit status: 1
> 1561: $ "FileCheck" "--check-prefix=COULD_HIT" 
> "/private/tmp/nix-build-ldc-1.3.0.drv-1/tests/linking/ir2obj_caching_flags1.d"
> There is no gcc on this system. Is it possible to get the lit 
> tests running without gcc as linker?
> Everything else is built and run with clang.

This is strange; is it the only lit test that fails? Or do all 
lit tests fail that need to link?

I am developing (almost exclusively) on Mac and the lit tests 
definitely work. LDC uses "gcc" for linking, also on Mac, where 
it forwards to clang (with minor tweak). This is not particular 
to the lit tests. Does "gcc" not work on your commandline?


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