LDC_WITH_PGO still needed?

Johan Engelen j at j.nl
Fri Dec 29 00:45:50 UTC 2017

Hi all,
   Is the #define "LDC_WITH_PGO" still needed?

IIRC, I added it originally because back then we supported LLVM 
3.5 too, which did not have PGO. Now that we start support from 
LLVM3.7, this is no longer an issue.
Except that it needs runtime support and perhaps compiler-rt 
doesn't have profile support on all our platforms. But then still 
it is OK to compile LDC with PGO support, just the runtime 
library may be missing. In our CMakeLists.txt it is set to True 
per default.

It'd be nice to get rid of it, for a little nicer reading of 
code. Not a big deal though.


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