Supporting LLVM 3.5 and 3.6

Rainer Schuetze via digitalmars-d-ldc digitalmars-d-ldc at
Sun Jul 23 01:39:40 PDT 2017

On 14.07.2017 14:42, David Nadlinger via digitalmars-d-ldc wrote:
> I was going to suggest culling < 3.7 support as well.
> I'm still toying with the idea of going with a vendored LLVM so we can 
> more efficiently support work like Android, SPIR-V, etc., but for now I 
> guess there isn't really a reason to throw a wrench into the distro 
> packaging process.

That could also help getting a D specific language identifier into 
CodeView debug information to support mago with the VS Concord debug 

I just filed a bug report against LLVM 
( to have this added to 
master, but it won't help for releases build against older LLVM versions.

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