DMD, LDC, and GDC compilers and 32/64 bit

David Nadlinger via digitalmars-d-ldc digitalmars-d-ldc at
Mon Jun 19 03:37:37 PDT 2017

On 19 Jun 2017, at 9:29, Russel Winder via digitalmars-d-ldc wrote:
> That is exactly the test that was there but was commented out due to 
> it
> failing on the Buildbot CI client network. My problem is knowing
> whether it should fail or should pass on the platform being used.

This depends entirely on the system configuration. Multilib packages 
being shipped or not is not something the compiler projects control, but 
distro packagers/… decide. I don't know the particularities of your CI 
setup, but I'd probably look to hard-code this along with other host 
platform configuration options (such as the OS image used, etc.). 
Testing the correct implementation against dodgy heuristics doesn't seem 
like a terribly useful thing to do.

  — David

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