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> […]
> LDC recognises options starting with "-Wl," and passes them to the
> gcc 
> driver rather than prefixing them with -Xlinker. However, this should
> be 
> equivalent to just leaving off the -Wl, entirely like in your first 
> example. Have a look at the linker command line (ldc2/dmd -v) to see 
> what is going on; there is no magic involved in invoking the linker. 
> Similarly, you can have the gcc driver display the ld command
> invoked.

I am in a bad position to continue proper testing as I have somewhat
suddenly switched form MacPorts to Homebrew – I am not sure when I
tried this, I fear in the MacPorts period which I can no longer test.

> Just as a general hint in case you don't know them already, `otool
> -L` 
> and `install_name_tool` are also useful for dealing with shared 
> libraries on OS X. Also note that D shared libraries are not
> supported 
> by DMD on OS X yet, if that is what you are after.

I had thought shared libraries on OSX were supported by DMD now, but
clearly the rpath stuff is not. I am guessing gdc 6.3.0 doesn't have
shared library support on OSX.

Whilst I don't actually use OSX by choice, yay for LDC. :-)

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