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I need some data to (hopefully) win an argument…

Some time back (the period and version number is part of the issue) on
Fedora, the LDC package used to use the name libphobos-ldc.so whilst
the very same version of LDC on Debian used libphobos2-ldc.so.  At that
time, I put in a special exception in the ldc tool of SCons to cover
this. It's ugly.

I now see that the LDC package on Fedora uses libphobos2-ldc.so the
same as Debian (and I assume everyone else).

In my usual forward looking, who cares about backward compatibility,
way I have proposed removing the "Fedora Exception" and made a pull
request to SCons to this effect. Bill being far more careful for the
users, i.e. taking a far more professional view of backward
compatibility, is saying "no leave the exception in place".

Rather than just argue this in an abstract way, I think it better to
gather some (at least partial) data.

If the LDC packagers are listening, or indeed anyone who has actual
data, do we know:

1. Which version of LDC package on Fedora switched from libphobos-
ldc.so to libphobos2-ldc.so? 

2. Which version of Fedora was the last version of Fedora with
libphobos-ldc.so as the library name?

3. Is this Fedora version still maintained by Red Hat?

4. What is the situation with RHEL and CentOS? Did the LDC package ever
reach there, and is the libphobos-ldc.so name still used in those

5. Is anyone using LDC on RHEL and CentOS?

My guess, is that no-one using LDC on Fedora is using old LDC so there
is no problem there. However, Bill's caution may be justified if people
are using ancient LDC and modern SCons on RHEL or CentOS. My argument
is that if anyone is using an old enough LDC to see the problem they
are unlikely to be using an up to date SCons.

But guessing is bad, hence this request for data.

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