LDC 1.3.0-beta1 has been released!

Kai Nacke via digitalmars-d-ldc digitalmars-d-ldc at puremagic.com
Fri May 5 03:14:58 PDT 2017

Hi everyone!

On behalf of the LDC team I announce the new 1.3.0 beta1 release!
It is based on the 2.073.2 front-end and supports LLVM 3.5-4.0.

It is the first release ever made at DConf. Feedback is highly 
welcome - just talk to me!

Highlights of this release are the new frontend, the removed 
dependency on libconfig and shared library support on all 
supported platforms.
LDC now creates static libraries with the help of LLVM instead of 
using the operating system ar. This allows for cross-compiling 
static libraries without additional tools.
There is also new support for Visual Studio 2017.
Be sure to read the change log at the GitHub release page for all 
the details. The packages are available for download at the same 

Please note: Due to a problem with the build scripts, not all 
binary distributions contain the shared libraries. This will be 
fixed in the next beta release.

MD5 checksums for the release packages:

b49f407fca416cebfd752c2fd2b1a5e1  ldc-1.3.0-beta1-src.tar.gz
09218dd06b86adc1caa2fcf94a16da59  ldc2-1.3.0-beta1-win32-msvc.zip
43091d82d59ba0889b50df6a53b88bd2  ldc2-1.3.0-beta1-win64-msvc.zip

Regarding the binaries:
The Linux x86/x86_64 binaries are built on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS with 
gcc 4.8.x and LLVM 4.0.0. They work on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (or 
later) without installing additional software.

The OS X binaries and the FreeBSD binaries are built with LLVM 

The Win32 and Win64 MSVC versions are built with VS2015 and LLVM 
3.9.1 (due to a regression in LLVM 4.0).

Please be sure to report any bugs at 
https://github.com/ldc-developers/ldc/issues, and feel free to 
drop by at the digitalmars.D.ldc forums 
(http://forum.dlang.org/group/digitalmars.D.ldc) for any 
questions or comments.

Thanks to everybody involved in making this happen.


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