Add targets for release binaries? (1.3+)

Adrian Matoga via digitalmars-d-ldc digitalmars-d-ldc at
Fri May 5 09:56:57 PDT 2017

On Friday, 5 May 2017 at 16:43:01 UTC, kinke wrote:
> On Friday, 5 May 2017 at 16:27:10 UTC, Adrian Matoga wrote:
>> Is this included in the releases? Or at least in master?
>> I'm trying it out with 1.2.0 and LDC doesn't seem to pick up 
>> anything but "default", whatever -mtriple I pass to it.
> This is how our Win64 multilib package handles linking Win32 
> and Win64 binaries, so it's in master for at least a year or 
> so. I just tested our prebuilt 1.2 Linux x64 package just to 
> make sure and it works.
> By adding `-v` to the LDC command line, you see the used config 
> file and, in parentheses, the section being looked up (falling 
> back to `default` if it's missing), e.g. (when specifying 
> `-m32` or `-mtriple=i686-unknown-linux-gnu`):
> binary    /home/martin/ldc2-1.2.0-linux-x86_64/bin/ldc2
> version   1.2.0 (DMD v2.072.2, LLVM 4.0.0)
> config    /home/martin/ldc2-1.2.0-linux-x86_64/etc/ldc2.conf 
> (i686-unknown-linux-gnu)
> ...

Thank you. The "config" line is very informative. It seems that 
LDC doesn't use the specified triple verbatim, but may modify it, 
e.g. "arm-linux-gnueabi" becomes "arm--linux-gnueabi".

Taking this into account, it works and it looks like it's a part 
of the solution I'm looking for.

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