Releasing LTS 0.17.6 ?

Joakim dlang at
Sun Jul 15 09:09:51 UTC 2018

On Sunday, 15 July 2018 at 08:35:11 UTC, Johan Engelen wrote:
> Hi all,
>   Shall we release ldc-lts 0.17.6, such that the bootstrapping 
> process works with LLVM 6?
> I know there is work ongoing on the LTS branch, but its main 
> purpose is bootstrapping and for that we only need it to be 
> able to compile LDC, so the extra work shouldn't delay a 0.17.6 
> release.
> For example, currently homebrew is stuck using LLVM5 because of 
> LTS not building with LLVM6.

Sounds good, I just updated it to include my latest Android and 
AArch64 stdlib fixes.

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