MIPS32 target LDC cross-compiling toolchain builds with LDC 1.11.0-beta1

dangbinghoo dangbinghoo at gmail.com
Mon Jul 16 09:25:08 UTC 2018

hi all,

I just Did a test for building LDC cross-compiling toolchain for 
MIPS32 target, and It built and also successfully run the demo 
code "Print hex dump" from dlang.org.

bellow is my building instructions:

# the gcc toolchain I used is mipsel-linux-gcc.

# building the LDC2 mips32 runtime.
CC=mipsel-linux-gcc proxychains ldc-build-runtime 
--cFlags="-march=mips32" --targetSystem="Linux;UNIX"

# tweak the toolchain
mv ldc-build-runtime.tmp mips32-ldc-runtime

alias ldcls232='ldc2 -mtriple="mipsel-linux" -march=mipsel 
-mcpu=mips32 -gcc=mipsel-linux-gcc 

The toolchain was tested on a Loongson 1C board, and "Print hex 
dump" demo code works great!

Great thanks to the LDC team!


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