FYI: build broken with LLVM 10 since 25 oct 2019

Johan j at
Sun Dec 1 21:24:56 UTC 2019

On Sunday, 1 December 2019 at 02:00:14 UTC, Fangrui Song wrote:
> On 2019-10-30, Johan Engelen wrote:
>>Before you spend time on it, see:
>>We can fix this on our end too [1], but I'm waiting for what 
>>LLVM will do.
> I don't think llvm-config should print -std=c++14, because 
> users may want -std=c++17, -std=c++2a or -std=gnu++2a.

Changing C++ standard may change the ABI (aswell as the API), 
hence it is necessary that llvm-config outputs which c++ standard 
was used to build LLVM. It was fixed fairly quickly after my 
forum post btw, so there is no build problem any more.


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