LCD inline assembly expressions

Guillaume Piolat first.last at
Tue Jan 1 23:48:29 UTC 2019

On Sunday, 23 December 2018 at 01:27:40 UTC, NaN wrote:
> Ok, so i'm delving into LCD intrinsics and hit a wall, cant 
> find the
> _mm_cmpgt_epi32
> instruction anywhere, looks like it's not included, not in the 
> gcc_builtins or anywhere else. I'm using the wrapper lib that 
> gives you intel style intrinsics from
> And from what I can tell if it's not an llvm intrinisic, or not 
> in gcc builtins you're out of luck. So i wondered if I can use 
> inline assembly expressions but I'm obviously missing somthing. 
> Ive got as far as...

Just a note that after you posted here, the intrinsics has been 
implemented in "intel-intrinsics" package through ldc.simd:

It generates pcmpgtd

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