Bootstrap crash on Solaris 2.11/5.11 - uninitialized mem access

Rick V rick at
Thu Jan 3 05:36:21 UTC 2019

It would be the newly-compiled v1.13, as built by 0.17.
LDC 0.17 calls either of GCC 6, 8, or Oracle DevStudio C 12u1 to perform 
final link edits.
0.17 can build D 2.068 apps correctly.
1.13 cannot even bootstrap its own Druntime 2.084.


"David Nadlinger"  wrote in message 
news:mailman.6172.1546488631.29801.digitalmars-d-ldc at

On 2 Jan 2019, at 0:32, Rick V via digitalmars-d-ldc wrote:
> On Tuesday, 1 January 2019 at 10:46:28 UTC, Rick V wrote:
>> The *new* LDC crashes when compiling anything, at 
>> registerPredefinedVersions(), while calling 
>> VersionCondition::addPredefinedGlobalIdent("DMD"), but the D side gets 
>> random garbage at dmd.identifier.Identifier.idPool(const(char)[]).
> Sounds familiar; this is probably due to a buggy linker (see 1.13
> release notes; LDC defaults to gold because older bfd wrongly
> strips ModuleInfos). So try gold or a newer bfd (or lld).

So just to clarify, is this the v1.13 binary crashing as built by v0.17,
or a compiler built by v1.13?

  — David 

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