Bootstrap crash on Solaris 2.11/5.11 - uninitialized mem access

kinke noone at
Thu Jan 3 18:27:25 UTC 2019

On Thursday, 3 January 2019 at 18:09:23 UTC, kinke wrote:
> I have no idea about and no interest in Solaris and its linker 
> situation. Anyway, there have been changes with 1.13 wrt. 
> ModuleInfos (affecting run module ctors, which is the problem 
> you are seeing), so you shouldn't have any issues with 1.12. 
> Recent bfd on Linux works fine with v1.13, e.g., the one 
> shipping with Ubuntu 18.04; ancient gold from Ubuntu 14.04 
> works fine too.

Just for completeness: with v1.12 as host compiler for 
1.13/master, you have

* the `-gcc` option to select the C compiler for linking 
(gcc/clang; might be available in 0.17 too),
* the `-linker=blub` option, which translates to `-fuse-ld=blub` 
in the gcc/clang command line, and
* the `-Xcc` option for arbitrary gcc/clang command line options.

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