Bootstrap crash on Solaris 2.11/5.11 - uninitialized mem access

Rick V rick at
Sun Jan 6 23:59:09 UTC 2019

Now that I got my hands on the current release of Oracle 
DevStudio (5.15/12.6), I'm going to build a GNU CC configured to 
use GAS and GLD (all the GNU tools are prefixed here)
I mean, language support is *there*, it's the underlying plumbing 
that's driving me nuts
(and hoping that NetBSD support is advancing soon!)


On Thursday, 3 January 2019 at 22:25:12 UTC, kinke wrote:
> On Thursday, 3 January 2019 at 19:32:57 UTC, David Nadlinger 
> wrote:
>> Rick is using a compiler (doesn't matter that it's 1.13) 
>> compiled by 0.17, though. Also, any regressions regarding 
>> --gc-sections shouldn't affect Solaris, as the option isn't 
>> even active there. In fact, I think Solaris even uses the old 
>> _Dmodule_ref scheme for module registration.
>> That being said, if the symptoms match the ModuleInfo-related 
>> issues you have been seeing, it's reasonable to suspect 
>> another issue affecting `ModuleInfo`s or static constructors 
>> on Solaris.
> Yes, you're absolutely right, I came to the same conclusion 
> after my reply. ;)
> I have no idea about the state of Solaris support, but I'm 
> pretty sure it hasn't been touched in years, so I guess the 
> situation hasn't improved since v0.17.

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