Memory leak in rare cases using foreach and parallel

Guillaume Lathoud gsub at
Mon Oct 14 06:52:32 UTC 2019


In a number-crunching app that tries many different configuration 
parameters, I observed in some rare cases a memory leak when 

     class Cfg { /* ...configuration parameters...*/ }

     auto cfg_range; // range that spits out the many 
configurations (instances of Cfg)

     foreach (cfg; parallel( cfg_range ))
        // Do one computation for the set of parameters `cfg`

using LDC 1.10.0 (based on dmd 2.080.1) on a linux machine.

This was difficult to reduce to a simple use case. The memory 
leak happened in rare cases, but in those cases, it always 

The workaround I found looked like this:

     foreach (i; parallel( cfg_range.length.iota ))
       auto cfg = cfg_range[ i ];
       // Do one computation for the set of parameters `cfg`

Hopefully this helps anyone encountering a similar issue and/or 
LDC developers.

Best regards,

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