How can I build LDC v1.18.0?

kinke kinke at
Tue Oct 29 13:55:28 UTC 2019

On Tuesday, 29 October 2019 at 13:21:49 UTC, Jacob Carlborg wrote:
> On 2019-10-29 08:04, Sobaya wrote:

Where's the original msg? It doesn't show up in the web interface.

>> After investigating, I found the cause is that cmake target 
>> "FileCheck`" and "not" are already defined in 
>> "ldc/utils/CMakeLists.txt`".
>> I thought that "ldc/utils/CMakeLists.txt`" is written to be 
>> loaded after including LLVMConfig because there are some 
>> checks for existence of those targets, which is defined in 
>> LLVMConfig.
>> But actually "ldc/utils/CMakeLists.txt`" is loaded before 
>> LLVMConfig.
>> I cannot understand why this can be built.

Looks like it depends on how LLVM was built plus it seems LLVM 9 
related. It works fine with our prebuilt LLVM 9 as well as the 
official prebuilt LLVM 9 from
This ( and 
similar CMake issues are fixed in master now (see

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