Cross compilation idea.

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Sat Aug 1 10:26:12 UTC 2020

Lately I've been looking at Zig programming language. Besides 
other interesting features like error handling and automatically 
importing C headers, one feature made me really excited. Zig 
includes a minified version of musl's, glibc's and mingw's CRT, 
so it can cross compile stuff very easy. And for whatever reason 
it includes a C cross compiler as well (I guess they already had 
libclang bundled for importing C headers, so it was kinda easy to 
use it to compile C).

As far as I understand there are few things that forbids LDC from 
cross compiling as easy as Zig:
1) Cross linker. Zig uses LLVM's linker which is called LLD. Can 
LDC use LLD to target all suppored operating systems?
2) Cross libc. Zig bundles minified version of musl, glibc and 
mingw (I didn't quite understood if it can cross compile to 
macosx). Do you think LDC could do the same or reuse the work 
done by the Zig team?
3) Cross druntime and phobos. I guess LDC could distribute 
prebuilt versions of druntime and phobos for most used operating 
system. Or just build and cache it the first time the user tries 
to cross compile to new target the first time. What do you think?

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