About supporting EMScripten

Hipreme msnmancini at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 4 21:52:46 UTC 2020

Are there any plans for supporting EMScripten? I still think that 
supporting Web and Android are things that would give a 
substantial revival to D.
And I'm really not talking about betterC, if I were to program 
without D, there should be no reason to even start with D.

Vladimir Panteleev(aka CyberShadow) and Sebastien Alaiwan(aka Seb 
I think) are the big players on this project

If you don't want to plan to support it, would someone give me 
some advice on how would I be able to do this myself? I'm still 
on very early stage of doing those porting things but I'm pretty 
lost, I would like to being able to help on wherever I can, if 
there any advices on how to start porting things, I would be 

Do I need to learn about LLVM, LDC, EMScripten and WebAssembly? 
Which things would be target for accomplishing almost full D 
support onto those things?
I'm on Dlang discord as Hipreme, if someone would welcome me at 
helping me those things, please, send me a DM, I'll be sure to 
document the entire process.

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