--emulated-tls explanation?

IGotD- nise at nise.com
Tue Oct 13 11:38:33 UTC 2020

On Tuesday, 13 October 2020 at 11:27:45 UTC, Denis Feklushkin 
> On Tuesday, 13 October 2020 at 11:23:23 UTC, IGotD- wrote:
>> On Tuesday, 13 October 2020 at 11:13:16 UTC, Denis Feklushkin 
>> wrote:
>>> But it is still not clear why static variables are now not 
>>> "superimposed" on one another at the same addresses.
>> If you don't have emulated TLS, your build shouldn't even 
>> succeed if you haven't implemented __tls_get_address. So if 
>> you have a build that you can test, where does this 
>> __tls_get_address come from?
> It is provided by "picolibc" library.
> Actually it provides __aeabi_read_tp but I wrap it:
> https://github.com/denizzzka/d_c_arm_test/blob/master/d/freertos_druntime_backend/external/rt/sections.d#L45

The function prototype of __tls_get_address is wrong. It should be

struct tls_index
	size_t ti_module;
	size_t ti_offset;

void* __tls_get_addr(tls_index* ti)

You perhaps don't use modules but you certainly need an offset.

It should rather be something like

void* __tls_get_addr(tls_index* ti)
     return getThreadTlsArea(ti->ti_module) + ti->ti_offset;

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