OS kernel in D?

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Tue Apr 4 10:25:54 PDT 2006

In article <e0tqca$10lq$1 at digitaldaemon.com>, Curious User says...
>Is it possible to write an OS kernel in D without going through contortions
>necessary to make the runtime standalone? Perhaps the GNU port of D with
>-fstandalone and -nostdinc or whatever might do the job nicely. But how about
>with DM's D compiler?

AFAIK, there's no direct path to getting either DMD or GDC to emit something
resembling an OS kernel.  As you allude to in your post, one would indeed have
to go through contortions modifying the runtime.  Phobos would have to be
modified to support itself when working with memory, threads, mutexes,
semaphores, devices, and so on.

However, others have made the first steps toward a kernel written in the D


- EricAnderton at yahoo

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