DMD compiler choking? [Woohoo!]

Jeremy Gibson jtgibsontelusnet
Wed Apr 5 23:10:30 PDT 2006

Found the problem, and it was completely irrelevant to everything -- I had all
of the environment variables set up correctly right from the very beginning.

The problem?  The object.d file in my project folder was overriding object.d in
the Phobos directory.  I renamed it to "gameobject.d" and everything works
peachy-keen now.

(I noticed this because after I uncommented some code in object.d, I started
getting some errors in that file while I tried to compile the file test.d (which
I posted) in the same folder.  test.d does not import object.d at all, so
something had to be automatically importing it.  That's when it clicked.)

This kind of name clash should probably be documented... =)


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