Properties no longer work?

Jarrett Billingsley kb3ctd2 at
Tue Aug 1 17:32:45 PDT 2006

"Stewart Gordon" <smjg_1998 at> wrote in message 
news:eaoc0i$309e$2 at

> Can anyone think of a use case for this?  I can't.  Just declare a
> typedef or alias of the function pointer type and be done with it.  UIMS 
> there is nothing to be gained, besides empty complexity, by trying to 
> support such things.

Don't get so worked up about it.  It'd probably be more complex to add in 
checking to make sure that you don't try to create an alias/typedef to a 
function type.  And there's already checking in place to make sure that you 
don't use function types incorrectly. 

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