Variable lengh arrays of fixed length arrays

Derek Parnell derek at
Thu Aug 3 18:06:02 PDT 2006

What am I not understanding about these beasties...?

This fails to compile ...

 void main()
  char[9][] sstore;  // A dynamic array of 9-char strings.
  char[9] astr;      // A single 9-char string.

  // Extend the dynamic array.
  sstore.length = sstore.length + 1; 

  // Copy the 9-char string to the last entry.
  sstore[$-1] = astr;  // **FAILS** 

The compiler message is ...

test.d(10): cannot assign to static array (sstore)[cast(int)((__dollar) -

In my mind, 'sstore' is *not* a static array. It is a dynamic array that
contains static arrays.

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