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> Well the answer is simple: the example is outdated.  Guess I know 
> something I need to fix. ^_^''  The following should be the way to do it 
> with "modern" D.


Worked immediately.

Please don't take this the wrong way, but I think the problem with D is, of 
no fault of their own, the community... it seems like everything gets 
obfuscated and diluted because so many people seem to be putting their 'bit' 
into it. I must have found six eclipse plugins and by the end of trying to 
trail which one was the latest I ended up just using batch files and scite. 
Also, no sign of a simple reference...? The one on is just a 
list of function prototypes - what use is that unless you already know the 

The beauty of something like java (which, I don't use, so I'm not some 
zealot) is that (for console based stuff) there's ONE basic way to output 
text (System.out.println). It doesn't change and it's reliable. I know D is 
a young language but unless there's a simple way for newcomers to just 
download everything they need without DAYS of research, nobody but the most 
hardcore will use it.

Just my input as a newcomer. 

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