Any way to set len and ptr in dyn arrays?

nobody nobody at
Mon Aug 7 11:25:05 PDT 2006

The only way I have found is to use a struct/union kludge:

// redefine the dyn array struct
struct sArrayKludge
   int len;
   void* ptr;

// use a union to allow reaching inside
union uArrayKludge
   byte[] myArray;
   sArrayKludge myArrayInternals;

byte someFunc()
   // declare the union where I would declare myArray
   uArrayKludge theArray;

   int[] buf = cast(byte[]) read("file.ext");

   // use the union where I would use the array
   theArray.myArrayInternals.len = buf[0] * buf[1];
   theArray.myArrayInternals.ptr = &buf[2];

   // now I can use the ith byte
   return theArray.myArray[buf[0]+buf[1]];

Thanks in advance.

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