.h to .d advice needed

Emp empty at nomail.com
Mon Aug 7 17:53:18 PDT 2006

Thx, I thought there was only one, the dsource one that is.

I've succesfully run the windows version on my headerfile, but I'm a bit 
suspicious about the output.
(cmd: 'htod NIDAQmx.h' and it should be an ANSI C header)
All the error codes have been commented out:
//C     #define DAQmxErrorCOCannotKeepUpInHWTimedSinglePoint 
And '-209805' is nowhere else to be found (in a global search).

Another question(not about the header file, but some example code :)
How do I translate this to D?
#define DAQmxErrChk(functionCall) if( DAQmxFailed(error=(functionCall)) ) 
goto Error; else

It is used like this:
DAQmxErrChk (DAQmxCreateTask("",&taskHandle));


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