.h to .d advice needed

Emp empty at nomail.com
Mon Aug 7 19:10:04 PDT 2006

> Poor quality control.

HtoD commented all the error handling code out, so your nice code doesn't 
work :(
(main.d(46): undefined identifier DAQmxFailed)
Why did htod do this?

//from header file
 *** NI-DAQmx Error Codes 
 ******************************************************************************///C     #define DAQmxSuccess                                  (0)//C     #define DAQmxFailed(error)                            ((error)<0)// Error and Warning Codes//C     #define DAQmxErrorCOCannotKeepUpInHWTimedSinglePoint(-209805)//C     #define DAQmxErrorWaitForNextSampClkDetected3OrMoreSampClks(-209803)

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