How to create shared library on linux?

clayasaurus clayasaurus at
Sun Aug 13 17:39:40 PDT 2006

Li Jie wrote:
> I dont know how to create a shared library using dmd or build(
> I try to compile the D source files to .o, and link them:
> # dmd -c *.d
> # gcc -o -shared *.o -lphobos

DMD can not create shared libraries on linux yet, but GDC can.

> Other questions:
> 1.
> How to link a shared library in dmd? I have a shared library, named
> In gcc, I can do this:
> # gcc -o test test.c -ltest
> In dmd, I don't know how to do that.

On linux, DMD uses GCC as its linker so you'd just do something like...

dmd file.d -L-ltest

If I remember correctly. Or

dmd -c file.d
gcc file.o -o file -ltest

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