Some Basic Question

Jay Kyburz jay at
Mon Aug 14 20:33:07 PDT 2006

Hi All,

I'm a hobby programmer and have been playing around with D for a few weeks. I 
usually make little games and have recently started a gui project using DWT. 
Not much gets finished but I have fun solving the problems and making stuff 

In the past I've used a bunch of different scripting languages, quite a bit 
of Basic and Pascal and a bit of C#. Most of these have been presented in a 
neat package where I can simply hit the build button and get an exe. 

D is a little different in that you have to know a little more about what is 
going on when you try and build something. Well, perhaps you don't need to 
know it, but because it's exposed I find myself asking questions. 

Anyhow, I guess thats my question. Is there somewhere I can go and read about 
the fundamentals of the build process?

Examples: What do each of the exe's in bm/bin do? In what order are they run? 
Why have a dm and a dmd folder. When I import a module, how does the build 
process find my source files. What the hell does pragma import do, I've read 
the docs but don't understand how this is different to linking to libs .  

If you guys don't know of anywhere this is already documented, do you think 
this list a good place to ask?  Perhaps I could add some of the answers I get 
to the wiki. 

Any help much appreciated.

Jay Kyburz

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