Some Basic Questions

Lutger lutger.blijdestijn at
Tue Aug 15 16:42:08 PDT 2006

Kirk McDonald wrote:
> Lutger wrote:
>> Derek Parnell wrote:
>>> No, I suggest you use a different naming convention. I would have your
>>> class name start with a Capital letter and have your source file name 
>>> all
>>> lowercase. And if you stick to one class per file, have your filename
>>> different to the class by adding a suffix or prefix. For example,
>>>   module foo_m;
>>>   class Foo
>>>   {
>>>    ...
>>>   }
>> Can I ask you, what is your reason for naming a source file 
>> differently than the class? Does it have something to do with 
>> importing magic?
> The name of the source file and the name of the class are completely 
> orthogonal. They have nothing to do with each other. They may be the 
> same or different as you wish. This is not Java: A source file can 
> contain zero classes or as many classes as you like.
> That said, it is convention to name source files and modules completely 
> lower-case, and to start class names with a capital. However, the 
> language does not actually enforce either of these. If nothing else, it 
> is a /very bad/ idea to ever name the source file and the module 
> different things, even if they just differ in capitalization.

I've noticed that unfortunatly, it can create quite a mess. I'm coming 
from C++, I don't know how Java handles it. Does it enforce it that hard?

Maybe I've misunderstood it, I thought Derek Parnell meant the following:

     module; // corresponds to foo/bar.d
     class Bar // don't do this, use a different name
To avoid names such, "if you stick to one class per file." 
This is something different than naming source file and module different.

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