Conditional compilation and DDoc

Derek Parnell derek at
Thu Aug 17 01:14:54 PDT 2006

I'm having trouble producing conditional documentation.

Here's what I'm doing ...

    * macros:
    *   Extra = If you access this when the value is not set,
    *           an exception is thrown.
 module foo_m;
 *   Defines the capabilities and attributes of a Foo.
 *   $(Extra)
 class Foo
    . . .

This doesn't work because the 'module' statement must be the first
statement and the earlier version statement messes that up.

If I move the module to above the version statement, the macro doesn't get

Anyone got any ideas about how to produce conditional DDoc documentation
without duplicating a lot of source code?

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Melbourne, Australia
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17/08/2006 6:10:04 PM

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