Absolute path

Jarrett Billingsley kb3ctd2 at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 19 10:39:50 PDT 2006

"Reiner Pope" <reiner.pope at REMOVE.THIS.gmail.com> wrote in message 
news:ec72hr$hd7$1 at digitaldaemon.com...

> Is there one?

I can't find any in phobos.  I usually end up doing what you do..

> Do you think this is a good enough solution?
> char[] toabs(char[] filepath)
> out (c)
> {
> assert (isabs(c));
> }
> body
> {
> return (join(getcwd(), filepath));
> }

That's almost exactly what I do, but I check to see that it isn't absolute 

    return filepath;
    return join(getcwd(), filepath); 

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