What scripting language should I use

Jari-Matti Mäkelä jmjmak at utu.fi.invalid
Fri Dec 15 05:36:30 PST 2006

David Medlock wrote:
> Jari-Matti Mäkelä wrote:
>> I've decided to create my next big game in D. It will be a rpg using D
>> in the lower level stuff and an integrated scripting language for the
>> game logic. Now, the only thing I'm not sure about is the scripting
>> language. It needs to be object oriented / functional and somewhat
>> portable (linux & windows).
>> I've searched the dsource site. There is already more or less complete
>> support for
>>  - python (pyd)
>>  - ecmascript (dmdscript, walnut)
>>  - minid
>>  - lua (bindings lualib, dlua)
>>  - squirrel (bindings)
>>  - euphoria (freudo)
>>  - lisp (dlisp)
>> Maybe there are other production ready implementations not listed here?
>> It seems the pyd, minid and dmdscript projects are well maintained.
>> The best option would be to fully integrate the scripting engine to my
>> game. Using it via the C ABI should be ok, but requires a bit extra work.
>> Which one should I take. I don't want to end up using vaporware. The
>> miniD projects looks interesting. I know dmdscript works, but I think
>> those other languages might be better suited for my game.
> I am only vaguely familiar with MiniD but I would(and do) choose Lua.
> Lua is rock solid,has lots of capabilities (coroutines, closures, good
> C-API),is bytecode compiled and is used in many professional games
> (Farcry, World of Warcraft, NWN).

What library project should I use for interfacing with Lua. I've noticed
there are some API/ABI issues wrt 5.0.x -> 5.1 transition. There are
also some issues with shared libraries in Linux.

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