char* vs char[]

novice2 sorry at noem.ail
Mon Dec 18 02:00:29 PST 2006

== Quote from jicman (jicman at's article
> > are zero-terminated, you should use toStringz whenever passing D
> strings to
> > C functions.
> > return toString(getenv(toStringz(pSymbol)));
> thanks.

in non-english Windows, for my big sorrow,
imho, you need use to pass char[] from D to C function,
and to pass char[] from C function to D,

in general case in _every char* in every call_ :(
how i bored with utf8 while program small windows console utilitis :

"invalid UTF8 sequence" on every time then i forget about fromMBSz()
it is very tiresome!

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