Problem with unittest in templates.

Peter C. Chapin pchapin at
Fri Dec 29 05:48:59 PST 2006

Hello! I'm using dmd 0.178. I'm having trouble getting the unittest 
section of a class template to execute. I have two files:

----> main.d <----

import other;

int main( )
  Foo!(int) my_foo = new Foo!(int);
  return( 0 );

----> other.d <----

class Foo(T) {
  unittest {
    assert( 1 == 0 );

I compile this program using 'dmd -unittest main.d other.d'. It compiles 
without error but when it executes there is no assertion failure. 
However, if I move the definition of class Foo(T) into main.d (and throw 
away other.d) I *do* get the assertion failure. Am I doing something 
wrong? Is this supposed to work?

I'm also noticing that the unittest section isn't as useful in a 
template as it is in a non-template. It's awkward writing unittests 
generically without knowledge of a specific type T. Is this "the way it 
is" or is there some nice programming technique that I should be using 
here? I find myself thinking about writing a separate test program (C++ 
style) where I can work with specific specializations of the template.


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