Code Comparison - Seeking D Equivalent to Lisp "dofile"

John Demme me at
Sat Feb 18 23:10:11 PST 2006

Tony wrote:
> Thanks Jarrett.
> Your dofile function seems to have most of the functionality of the Lisp
> macro.  And I'm forced to admit that it is a little more readable than my
> "little sea of parentheses" :)
> I would have to say that D comes out ahead in this particular instance.
> Tony
> Melbourne, Australia
> tonysZ-mailboxZ at  (remove the Zs)

I'd like to point out that none of this has to do with D itself but rather
the standard library.  This isn't to belittle the library (I prefer to make
fun of phobos separately) but this example is more telling of the language
itself; that D allows such expressive syntax-- the overloadable foreach in
this case.

~John Demme

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