Getting 'this' of outer class?

Jarrett Billingsley kb3ctd2 at
Sun Feb 19 08:27:53 PST 2006

"Nick" <Nick_member at> wrote in message 
news:dta0ca$2d3p$1 at
> I'm sort of new to the inner class concept. I know the inner class has 
> access to
> the outer class through a 'hidden' this reference, but how do I access 
> this
> reference directly? Say I have the following:
> # class A
> # {
> #    class B
> #    {
> #        B getB() { return this; } // Ok
> #        A getA() { return ???; } // How do I do this?
> #    }
> # }
> Right now I'm stuck with adding a private getThis() member to A...

I don't think you can, not in the current implementation of inner classes, 
at least.  There's probably a way to hack the inner class reference to get 
at the outer class reference, but it's probably not recommended ;)  I agree 
that it'd be very nice to have.  It's kind of like not being able to get the 
context pointer of delegates (which, according to Walter, are similar to how 
inner classes are implemented). 

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