Code Comparison - Seeking D Equivalent to Lisp "dofile"

David Medlock noone at
Mon Feb 20 06:59:23 PST 2006

Jarrett Billingsley wrote:

> "David Medlock" <noone at> wrote in message 
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>>If you ever sit down and learn Scheme or Lisp, you will understand those 
>>parentheses serve very important capabilities.  Features such as 
>>try/catch, conditionals, templates, type systems and many other features 
>>are easily added to Lisp due to its AST syntax.
>>Delegates equivalent to what *all* functions are in Lisp.
>>Templates are not needed because a Lisp macro is a function which accepts 
>>a Lisp program and returns a Lisp program!
>>Semantically its easily more powerful than D or C++, with D probably 2-3x 
>>faster in most cases.
> I'm not ragging on Lisp; I'm just saying that the C syntax is somewhat more 
> readable and clean-looking than a million parentheses. 
Yeah, that is the thorn people touch when they encounter Lisp/Scheme and 
  language readability is a very valid issue.

I just didn't want anyone to be turned off to trying it from that issue 
alone.  Like Perl, if you can stand the syntax you will probably find 
the semantics very good.


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