Talking to non-D libraries

Cris central_p at
Mon Feb 20 11:37:29 PST 2006

> I'm dabbling with GDC under MinGW myself, will package it if I succeed

:) If you release MinGW packaged + a working gdb, that'd be great! You
might help spreading a good language to the poor old world.

>> I see you have converted the OpenGL headers, was it difficult are 
>> there any special cases?
> Not too many, I have a perl script that did most of the translating.
>> For OpenGL I use GLEW ( and I might try 
>> to convert it. That's why I'm asking.
> It said "C++" on the box, so it might be somewhat trickier. Try it :-)

I think it is C just as OpenGL.h is but it is enormous almost 1Mb of code.

>> I've tried the original .libs too they also cannot be recognized.
> If you want to use them with DMC/DMD, you need to convert them first.
> There should be a tool to do this for you:

Thank you! Now I've managed to link SDL_image.lib but now I have this

  Error 42: Symbol Undefined __init_6events9SDL_Event

I see you have discussed it in another thread with another Chris (I'll 
change my name to Cris now).

I've downloaded the packaged 1.2.8 version, because I don't usually use
cvs but it seems I have to download a client now.

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