Talking to non-D libraries

Cris central_p at
Mon Feb 20 12:43:28 PST 2006

Anders F Björklund wrote:
> Cris wrote:
>>  Error 42: Symbol Undefined __init_6events9SDL_Event
>> I see you have discussed it in another thread with another Chris (I'll 
>> change my name to Cris now).
> That's from the D wrapper. Just include sdl/*.d as well.
> --anders

Hmmm, how do you mean I should include sdl/*.d as well? (Note: I use
Code::Blocks IDE to compile and I don't know what parameters it passes
to DMD.exe)

I've already have "import SDL" or you mean I have to import all .d files
in the project? I have to try that.

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