help posting a bug

Ant duitoolkit at
Sun Feb 26 17:52:20 PST 2006

Ant wrote:
> this is what I get from a debug session:
> (gdb) stepi
> 0x0804e0f9      359                                   ;
> (gdb) stepi
> 0x0804e0fb      359                                   ;
> (gdb) stepi
> 0x080c8568 in _D3gdk6Window6Window4moveFiiZv ()
> dd is in fact an instance of class Window in module gtk.Window.
> DMD got it right so far.
> but why would the method void move(int,int) be called
> instead of the method void foo() ????????????????

Seems I found the problem with this.

moving the import declarations to the module level (from the class body)
seems to do the trick.

I originally had all imports a the module level but that created another
problem (don't remember what).

I'll move all import to module level and try to see if the original problem
can be solved.

Thank you all for your help, specially Lars Ivar and h3r3tic!


PS I asked Walter (about 2 year ago) if imports on the class body
should be used or were just a side effect - he completely ignore the question.

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