Two little blog/tutorials posts.

Alan Knowles alan at
Mon Feb 27 20:12:30 PST 2006

Thanks, I'll have a look at updating them later, so they are more 
technically acurate


Regan Heath wrote:
> On Tue, 28 Feb 2006 16:15:38 +1300, Regan Heath <regan at> wrote:
>> D is garbage collected and the collector does not guarantee to call 
>> the  destructor for the File object. So, the above code may never 
>> close the  file.
> Which reminds me, your other statement in the first article:
> "memory management (autofreeing at the end of each function) - so you 
> dont  need to splatter the code with malloc)(/free()"
> should probably mention the garbage collector as the reason you don't 
> need  malloc/free.
> The statement:
>   "autofreeing at the end of each function"
> isn't exactly true, the current GC tends to free when resources get 
> tight,  i.e. you ask for more memory and there isn't enough.
> Regan

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