linker error: Previous Definition Different : _GL_VERTEX_ARRAY_EXT

Cris central_p at
Tue Feb 28 22:14:09 PST 2006

.objs\Release\src\base\glee\glee_h.obj(glee_h)  Offset 0C27AH Record 
Type 0091
  Error 1: Previous Definition Different : _GL_VERTEX_ARRAY_EXT

What can cause this linker error?

Previously I had all files in /src and I moved them in /src/base (with 
the already existing subdirectories).
I had to add base. to all imports.
import glee.glee;
import glee.glee_h;


import base.glee.glee;
import base.glee.glee_h;


The program compiles but cannot link and multiple errors like the quoted 
  one are issued when linking.

As I see they are all about constants.


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