D for dynamic web pages

Chris Nicholson-Sauls ibisbasenji at gmail.com
Fri Nov 3 06:38:22 PST 2006

Zodiachus wrote:
> Do you guys think that D would be a suitable language for server-side dynamic
> content handling? If so, what would one need to do to be able to use D instead
> of PHP/ASP/whatnot?

You've already been pointed to DSP and suggested CGI, so my response has already been 
made.  But I would like to add that I have a CGI branch in the Cashew library that needs 
fleshing out, so if you'd have any suggestions for that, I would be most appreciative. 
(It has almost nothing at the moment, just environment variables and URL encoding/decoding.)

-- Chris Nicholson-Sauls

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