D for dynamic web pages

Unknown W. Brackets unknown at simplemachines.org
Fri Nov 3 21:17:15 PST 2006

Just doing a CGI won't be very efficient, but if you use FastCGI you'll 
get pretty good performance.

I'd suggest looking into FastCGI.  It's actually very easy to implement 
- you just listen on a socket and handle each connection separately. 
You don't have to use threading, but if you did it would probably be 
more efficient.

That said, the best way (imho) is an Apache module, ISAPI extension, 
etc.  This is more work, of course.  This is how PHP/etc. are 
implemented typically.


> Do you guys think that D would be a suitable language for server-side dynamic
> content handling? If so, what would one need to do to be able to use D instead
> of PHP/ASP/whatnot?

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