English binary logic operators

BCS BCS at pathilink.com
Tue Nov 7 16:26:28 PST 2006

David Qualls wrote:
> I just compiled my first D function (adapted from C), and had to
> replace all my 'and' 'or' and 'not's with the arcane &&, ||, and !
> from prehistoric C to get it to compile.
> iso646.h has been a part of C for several years.  Perl, C++ and
> possibly other languages have all adopted 'and', 'or', and 'not'
> as part of their grammar.
> I write software that will be maintained by non-programmers
> (mathematicians, who would prefer that I use Fortran).  Lots of
> funny symbols in source code (like && || !) make it difficult to
> read for the non-immersed (ah, who am I kidding, I even have
> trouble reading it now and then).
> Is there any future to D incluing the logical operators in
> English, as opposed to &!|%'ish?  (I didn't mention it, but 'mod'
> might also be a good (easy for non-programmers to understand)
> substitute for '%'.)
> David

Interesting, I have never heard about iso646.h before. I have never seen 
any code that used it either.

I only speak for my self, but I wouldn't use it and would find it harder 
to use. I like the &!|% version because it doesn't look like an identifier.

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