Question on DLL example

Nox / Lux at
Wed Nov 8 12:58:45 PST 2006

Daniel Keep: Like I said above, if you want to write a D program that uses
plugins, you *need* to take a look at DDL.  It's absolutely brilliant.

Mike Parker: If you want a premade solution, you might want to check out the DDL
(D Dynamic Libraries) project at

I actually checked it out first thing when I got this into my head. It looks just
like what the doctor ordered, but unfortunately I found it a bit problematic at
the moment. There are a few tickets outlining some issues that needs to be worked
through before a stable solution can be built on it, I believe. But I WILL end up
using DDL eventually. Portability is just one of the reasons. But I figure DLL:s
will be good enough for a proof of concept of what I intend to do. DDL is due to
hit 1.0 before the end of the year if the developers keep at it. I am very excited
about DDL, it looks promising.

Thank you both for your answers. I believe I understand a bit more of what is
going on here now.

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