Code Listing?

John johnkirollos at
Sat Nov 11 14:46:46 PST 2006

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> > Thanks anders
> >
> > I thought there would be a feature that enables listing parts of
> > code, not the whole obj file (a pragma for example that I can
> > to a block of code)..
> >
> > Why there is no such feature?
> Because DMD doesn't compile to assembly which is then assembled by
> assembler?


C++ for example can generated asm code listing. It's useful in
debugging, code optimization, and for me, it's interesting in
learning the language by seeing how the compiler generates the code.

There is nothing that prevents D from having such feature, as it
generates directly executable code and does not rely on a VM.


obj2asm coming with DMD is a Linux executable? What about a windows

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